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Just thought everyone would like to know that Julian had gone 68 days with no seizure since he changed to his new raw food diet. He used to have a seizure every 7-14 days. He’s also lowered his medication twice in this time and still no seizure. He's also put on muscle and has energy like he did years ago - which is okay because he gets to come to work with me.

Jenni, Calgary

My 15 year old cat is diabetic and has increasing kidney values. After switching him to an all raw meat diet 4 weeks ago his kidney values are reading completely normal and his insulin requirements have decreased significantly. In addition his fur is soft rather than matted and oily looking. His eyes are bright and he is back into mischief.

Shannon, Calgary

Our three year old dog was having digestive problems and our vet wanted to do x rays. We weren’t keen on it. I spoke to Tamara and she recommended the raw food diet. Hesitantly we tried it and 2 weeks later Benjee has had no more problems and much more energy.

Kathy, Calgary

My 12 year old cat shadow stopped being able to jump up on the kitchen counter a number of years ago. Since eating raw food for the last 7-8 months, she has started leaping again in true feline fashion.

Catherine, Calgary

I am a 1 and a half year old Min pin/Chihuahua cross who is quite picky about what I eat. Before my parents took me to Tail Blazers I didn’t really like my dinner and I was itchy and flaky. Since my parents wised up I love what I dine on, my skin isn’t dry anymore and my coat shines like you would not believe. Thanks mom and dad and thanks Tail Blazers!

Zoƫ, Grand Prairie, AB

My dalmation has allergies. Before we put him on raw food, we thought we would have to put him down. He had hives, was throwing up everyday, constant ear and lymph gland infections. He was miserable! Now he is on raw food-we are careful about what he gets for treats and we have a happy, healthy boy! (and plan to for years to come!)

Laurie, Calgary

Ditto a 5 year old Pomeranian was stricken with pancreatitis and kidney failure. We tried the vet diets with no success. Our vet told us to take her home and make her comfortable. We fed her ground beef, egg, skim milk powder and wheat germ. With in a week she was able to walk around. By the end of the month her blood work came back normal.”

Shauna, Calgary

Darn dog eats better that I do!!

Mike, Calgary

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