How We’ve Helped Your Pet

Chloe is a Maltese/Lhasa mix who suffers from severe food and weather allergies. When I first got her as a pup, I fed her regular puppy dry kibble. But no matter which food brand I gave Chloe, she would scratch herself raw, until her hair came off in clumps. I tirelessly worked with a vet for over a year to find the perfect brand of dog food that Chloe could tolerate. Even all the non-allergy brands Chloe refused to eat. I was at my wits end as to what to do. I had literally spent hundreds of dollars on trying every brand of hard and soft food out in the market with no success. Then the vet said, let’s try a raw meat diet with fresh veggies. That was a God send! Chloe loves raw lamb the best and is back to being healthy which the vet attributes to the raw diet. Now she’s back to being the ever playful Maltese!

Tessa, Kelowna

I have a menagerie of animals but my cat is the only one who eats raw 100% of the time. When most people think of purebred cats, they may not always associate them with being raw fed. I knew long before finding the breeder that my future cat would be fed a raw diet. Once she came home, I gave her a short period of time to settle in and then the raw feeding experiments began. I didn’t quite know what I was doing and she didn’t care for what I had purchased. So I contacted my local Tail Blazers store and the owner was more than helpful in narrowing down my choices. That was over a year ago. She’s about to have her second birthday and has been successfully on raw since. Her vets are extremely pleased with her health. She maintains a healthy weight and her coat remains perfect. I am so thrilled I found the appropriate food for my cat and it is something she loves eating and that’s all thanks to Tail Blazers!

Gabrielle, Edmonton

My Kita bear will be 10 this year and for almost 7 years of her life she suffered from allergies to pretty much everything. She was always so uncomfortable and would lick till her paws were raw. It was a vicious cycle of itching and licking. We changed foods constantly, had creams, ointments, drops, soaks, name it we tried everything to help. My poor girl lived with a cone on her head whenever we were not home so she wouldn’t hurt herself. Three years ago I started researching raw and said “hey, it’s worth a try” Fast forward to today and she is living the good life, cone free and full of energy. If it wasn’t for all her gray, you would never know she was 10! Thank you Jolie for bringing Tail Blazers to Sudbury!

Amanda, Sudbury

We always had a dog so when I was able to have my own I choose a little black cockapoo and named her Abbey. At about 6 months she got very sick. Unable to keep food down,it was very sad watching her fight to keep going. At a farmers market I was introduced to the raw food diet. I read and found a tailblazers and the rest is history. Abbey is a happy healthy dog and I owe it all to the raw food diet exactly what dogs should be on.


2 years ago January 2016 my girl was diagnosed stage 5 Lymthoma sarcoma. Cancer in her bones,told she maybe had 6 months. The only thing I changed was her diet from kibble to raw. What can I say 2 years later and still here with us. So thankful.

Susan, Alberta

Prince would get sick of eating the same kibble and it was always hard to find a brand that he would stick with. As I started coming to TB and started talking to the team I learned more and more about the raw diet and how it’s good for dogs. You see, Prince is a Chinese sharpei and that breed comes with a lot of allergies! Ever since I have switched him over, he no longer sheds a lot, all the mucin he has on his body is gone. He doesn’t have many ear problems anymore. This was by far the best delicious I have ever mad and it’s all thanks to the TB Team! He loves his food he loves the different meats I get. Thank you for everything because if it wasn’t for you guys I would still be trying to figure out a good kibble for him!

Mississauga, ON

Our furry friend Marley suffers from stress and anxiety. He was never particularly fond of kibble either. Now on a raw diet, he pretty much dances for his dinner! He absolutely loves it and his anxiety level has come down significantly! Best decision we ever made!

Wendy, Barrie

Starsky is a Shepherd / Husky mix and came to us as a 2 year old rescue from the ARF foundation. He is now 12 and has been eating a raw diet for the last 8 years. He still can put on impressive bursts of speed when we go out for walks. At a recent vet checkup, the doctor asked us if he had recently had his teeth cleaned. Starsky has never had any dental work done, something we can attribute to a raw diet.

Jim, Calgary

Just thought everyone would like to know that Julian had gone 68 days with no seizure since he changed to his new raw food diet. He used to have a seizure every 7-14 days. He’s also lowered his medication twice in this time and still no seizure. He's also put on muscle and has energy like he did years ago - which is okay because he gets to come to work with me.

Jenni, Calgary

My 15 year old cat is diabetic and has increasing kidney values. After switching him to an all raw meat diet 4 weeks ago his kidney values are reading completely normal and his insulin requirements have decreased significantly. In addition his fur is soft rather than matted and oily looking. His eyes are bright and he is back into mischief.

Shannon, Calgary

Our three year old dog was having digestive problems and our vet wanted to do x rays. We weren’t keen on it. I spoke to Tamara and she recommended the raw food diet. Hesitantly we tried it and 2 weeks later Benjee has had no more problems and much more energy.

Kathy, Calgary

My 12 year old cat shadow stopped being able to jump up on the kitchen counter a number of years ago. Since eating raw food for the last 7-8 months, she has started leaping again in true feline fashion.

Catherine, Calgary

I am a 1 and a half year old Min pin/Chihuahua cross who is quite picky about what I eat. Before my parents took me to Tail Blazers I didn’t really like my dinner and I was itchy and flaky. Since my parents wised up I love what I dine on, my skin isn’t dry anymore and my coat shines like you would not believe. Thanks mom and dad and thanks Tail Blazers!

Zoë, Grand Prairie, AB

My dalmation has allergies. Before we put him on raw food, we thought we would have to put him down. He had hives, was throwing up everyday, constant ear and lymph gland infections. He was miserable! Now he is on raw food-we are careful about what he gets for treats and we have a happy, healthy boy! (and plan to for years to come!)

Laurie, Calgary

Ditto a 5 year old Pomeranian was stricken with pancreatitis and kidney failure. We tried the vet diets with no success. Our vet told us to take her home and make her comfortable. We fed her ground beef, egg, skim milk powder and wheat germ. With in a week she was able to walk around. By the end of the month her blood work came back normal.”

Shauna, Calgary

Prior to eating raw food, Indian dealt with intense reactions from allergies. From itchiness to watery eyes, eye gunk, hair loss, skin irritations and ear infections. He was almost going to have to do as skin biopsy.! Tail Blazers in Ranchlands Calgary helped us with his sensitivity testing and finding the right raw brand. Hsi bald batch grew back, his fur is healthy, and for over a year now he has had no reactions or infections. He gain a new spunk along the way too!


Three years ago when I adopted my first cat, Gus, Melanie from @tailblazerswest helped me throughout the leaning process. She guisded me not just with regular food, but treats, litter, and other necessities. However, most specifically when Gus developed Crystals in his bladder he was in very poor condition and Meelanie jumped to our rescue. He had been on a high quality grain free ditet, but she fully explained the difference and the benefit of a raw food diet for his specific condition. She even provided suggstions on specific meals to try for a cat who wasn't sure about making the switch. I converted Gus onto raw food upon her recommendations and the improvement to his health and well-being was swift. Melanie, literally, SAVED HIS LIFE! I'm forever greatful for the continued support and kindness she provides my family.

@teeknee50, Edmonton

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