Tail Blazers, “Health Food Store For Pets”, is a store where pet guardians can find only wholesome, healthy food and treats, a wide variety of supplements, accessories, knowledgeable staff and lots more!

The brands of raw, canned and dry foods carried at Tail Blazers locations are all researched and approved based on the company, their manufacturing practices and their ingredients, ensuring that they are made with honesty, integrity and composed of human grade ingredients, and contain NO harmful preservatives, fillers, sugars, dyes, additives or meat-by-products. Our product selections include as many Canadian and ECO-Friendly options as possible while maintaining the quality our customers have come to know and trust.

Tail Blazers is proud to say that none of the foods we carry were part of the massive food recall in 2007. All of our food, treats, supplements, and all other consumables and grooming products have to pass a proprietary set of standards before given access to our store shelves. Although frustrating to some, these extremely high product approval standards have kept our customers safe and healthy since 2000!

You can rest assured that at Tail Blazers you will find only wholesome clean, nutritious, foods and treats for your pets. You can come and enjoy your shopping experience knowing that all the investigative research, background checks, and hard work have been done for you! And, if you do have questions, there is always knowledgeable staff to help you answer them.

We feel that pets give us so much - in return we want them to have the best lives they possibly can!


At Tail Blazers our goal is to find the most local, the most ECO and most importantly, quality centric vendors, and choose to carry their products in our stores! We strive to build relationships with our vendors by constantly supplying them with customer feedback, concerns, and suggestions. Vendors that are willing to grow and improve are the ones we choose to work with.