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PDF Article by Jennifer Kaiser

Bloat/Gastric Torsion

I write this shortly after having a terrifying episode of bloat with Moses, our 1 1/2 year old Newfoundland. The severity and unexpected nature of the problem prompted me to, in my typical fashion, immediately start to learn everything about bloat that read more

PDF Article by Dr. Basko

Cancer Options

What goes through your mind when you see or feel a “lump” on your beloved pet? The lump can make you feel like you have a lump in your throat. The emotional challenges of either having a pet with cancer, a loved one, or oneself are rarely discussed read more

PDF Article by Pet Food Report

As Fresh As It Gets

Many people balk when they first think about feeding raw meat to their dogs and cats. Maybe you’re one of them. But when you consider the significant health benefits a raw diet can offer your animal, and learn that many of the fears surrounding read more

PDF Article by Whole Dog Journal

Estrogen Can Hurt Your Dog

Topical hormone replacement products for women can cause health problems in dogs. Many women use topical estrogen creams, lotions, gels, or sprays to help relieve symptoms associated with menopause, such as hot flashes, read more

PDF Article by Pet Food Report

Doing Detox

Mystie is a sweet six-year-old spayed female border collie/springer spaniel cross. She first came to our clinic on May 26, 2006. Her medical history was routine: puppy vaccines, spay, parasite, prevention medication, annual boosters read more

PDF Article Pet Food Report

Top 10 Lies

You can’t always believe what you hear. When it comes to the pet food industry, truer words were never spoken. In an effort to sell product, some conglomerates have made some pretty outlandish claims in their advertising. Then read more

PDF Article by Pet Food Report

Be a Label Detective

Chicken by-product meal…wheat gluten…preserved with BHA/BHT….you’ve ever taken a close look at the list of ingredients on a commercial pet food package, you’ve probably found your-self wondering what all these things really are. If read more

PDF Article by Pet Food Report

Diets & Disease

Allergies, diabetes, obesity and arthritis are rampant in dogs and cats. The culprit can often be found in their food bowls. Common diseases and conditions such as obesity, diabetes, allergies, FLUTD, arthritis and cancer are rampant among dogs and cats these days. read more

Article Canadian Business Journal

Can. Business Journal

The Canadian Business Journal spoke with Tamara Low and Brent Hauberg, the Founders of Tail Blazers, about what prompted them to launch a business that would change the public perception of pet food read more

Article Alberta Venture Report

Alberta Venture Report on Tail Blazers

Remaking a Dog’s Breakfast. Most business owners wouldn’t want the word “barf” associated with their products. But when Brent Hauberg and Tamara Low opened Tail Blazers, a health food store for pets, they lmew they would have to read more

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