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NOTE! Not all Tail Blazers carry the same products, please contact your local Tail Blazers for availability. Some stores may carry brands that are not listed below. What IS the same at all locations? The healthiest selection you can find!

Feline Fresh
Feline Fresh Litter

All natural pine litter. Scoopable, flushable and biodegradable, as well as helps kill litter box odours naturally. Availalbe in regular clumping or pellets.

Okocat Litter

a biodegradable litter with 7 day odor control and no chemicals or added scents.

Smart Cat Litter
Smart Cat Litter

Made with 100% USA farmed grasses, with no chemicals or fragrances. SmartCat All Natural Cat litter is biodegrade and a renewable resource.

Sweet Scoop
Swheat Scoop Litter

All natural litter made from wheat. Clumps and does not track around the house! Naturally occuring enzymes in the wheat help to keep odours under control.

Worlds Best Litter
World’s Best Litter

Worlds Best products clump quick, scoop easy, last long and help eliminate odours. And all the scoopable cat litter products are 100% natural made with corn, safe and available in a variety of sizes.