Duffy from Tail Blazers GlenbrookBorn and raised in Calgary I was exposed to the wonders of nature in all it’s forms through family camping trips and walking my childhood dog. Living on the edge of the city when it wasn’t quite so large, gave me opportunities to explore the natural world with my little friend, Lady Macbeth (the third) the Cairn Terrier. She taught me secrets and wonders which helped shape my sensibilities to the world outdoors. I believe without my tenacious sidekick, who lived to be almost nineteen years old, my artistic sensitivities towards nature would have been less defined.

Carrying on in that direction, I graduated from the Alberta College of Art in Calgary (now ACAD) in Photographic Arts in 1990. My portfolio consisted mainly of large format Earth Portraits from Kananaskis Country and all over Southern Alberta. After many gallery shows around Southern Alberta, it was becoming clear that actually carving out a living as a photographic artist was realistically out of my grasp.

Not being ready for my next Cairn for about five years after MacBeth died, Tamacious Maggie McDuff came into my life in 2002. Love at first sight. I had a lot to learn about the changes in animal nutrition over the preceding years and Duffy’s vet Dr. Corrine Chapman didn’t waste any time extolling the benefits of the raw food diet and where I could get it. I became a customer at Tail Blazers and was impressed with what they were succeeding at doing. Slowly and patiently educating people one by one about the benefits of a diet that the animals digestive system is designed for. That simple.

Along came a franchise opportunity in 2005 and Duffy suddenly had to come to work every day. These days she only frequents the store once in a while to let other staff dogs have a chance to be adored. She doesn’t have a clue how lucky we are to have a walk-in freezer full of the best raw pet food available, but I do.

It’s difficult to adequately express the gratitude I feel towards all of my customers, past, present and future who allow me, with the help of my amazing staff, the opportunity to help you make informed decisions in a field which is very difficult to navigate at times. With customers educating us in return, it certainly makes for an incredibly rewarding and real experience.

My beautiful Duffy and I spend as much time as we can camping in Kananaskis from May to October and we live a ten minute walk to the Bow river, so there is no shortage of secrets and wonders yet to be discovered (and photographed).