Sarah and DaveIt was a casual breakfast with my wife, Lisa, that changed the shape of our family and lives forever. We would go for weekday breakfast whenever we had the chance. We had a favourite little place tucked in the back of a mall. One summer day we were enjoying our meal when the owner joined us. We started chatting about his family. He began describing the unfortunate situation he was in. He had three beautiful dogs but the females were no longer getting along and he had made the difficult decision to give one up. That very same afternoon we picked up a beautiful, meek, shy, and quiet two year old Cane Corso, Sarah. Sarah was four when we journeyed to Southern Alberta to pick up another Cane Corso, Dave. Dave, as it turned out, had multiple allergies to food. He was in constant discomfort. After much research we were able to provide Dave with a diet that allows him the comforts that all pets deserve. It was through this research that we learned about Tail Blazers.

Beyond the joys of companionship, humour, love, comfort, and endless snuggles, Sarah and Dave have led me on a journey that has ultimately brought me the incredible opportunity of owning my own business. There are not enough walks, belly rubs, toys or treats that could express my thanks to them. It was June 2011 that I took over ownership of Tail Blazers United Centre. The current staff, Megan and Jocelyn (who, combined, have 9 years of experience at Tail Blazers), were terrific at facilitating a smooth and easy transition.

I am very blessed to have the support and love of my family (both furry and not), and am thrilled with the opportunity to provide knowledge and healthy alternatives to those who wish the best for their furriest family members.