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At Tail Blazers our goal is to find the most local, the most ECO and most importantly, quality centric vendors, and choose to carry their products in our stores! We strive to build relationships with our vendors by constantly supplying them with customer feedback, concerns, and suggestions. Vendors that are willing to grow and improve are the ones we choose to work with.

Featured Vendor – Spring Meadows


Spring MeadowSpring Meadows Natural Pet Food was founded in 2004 to provide pet owners with the highest quality raw ground whole animal pet food. For a seasoned farmer, it was a business venture that made sense. Being able to take our product from pasture to pet plate enables us to guarantee a quality product, offered at an affordable price.

Understanding the varying needs of our pet clientele, we provide a variety of product sizes that make it easier to feed small to large animals. On the menu are Bison, Chicken, Beef, Elk, Lamb, Goat, Venison - most available in two sizes of combo packs, as well as individual packages. Our fine grinding process ensures that there are no large bone pieces, making Spring Meadows cat and small dog friendly.

We are proud of our product and the health and vitality it offers our four-legged friends. We are here for pet owners who are seeking the best for their pets. Today, with a proven track record, many happy customers and much positive feedback, we are distributing Spring Meadows to retailers both locally and across Canada.

Spring Meadows prides itself on sourcing ingredients locally. Whether we raise the animals ourselves, or rely on local farming partners, all suppliers uphold our guidelines for raising the animals. Year round, our grazing animals are hay and grass fed, and the chicken, lamb and goat are all fed high quality natural foods.